What to look for in a yacht charter

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the open water, the cool water breeze touching your face, and enjoying the serenity of you and the water.

However most of us don’t have our own personal boats – and even if we do they are rarely big enough to take all the people we want to take along with us!

For a really nice family outing, party, or celebration, renting a yacht is a super idea and can make for a really memorable afternoon or evening.

After all, what’s better than getting away from the busy and congested city and just enjoying the vastness of the water and the peace and quiet that comes with it!

If you do a quick Google search you’ll see a multitude of results come up for yacht charters. Before you just blindly call someone up and book yourself a boat, here are a few things you want to consider before booking.

Be sure to read these tips carefully and keep them in mind – you’ll be glad you did!


In today’s socially connected world, social proof is a huge sign that a business is legitimate and you will not waste your money or worse, endanger yourself in some way. The best 17 snorkel gear sets in 2019 reviewed by Ram Research is the place to start.

Google itself has many reviews for most businesses left by sharing individuals, and other sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Trip Advisor also have plenty of user reviews for businesses and companies alike.

I usually don’t even bother looking at someone who has 3.5 stars or less – not unless everyone else is booked, at least!

Of course, the number of reviews also matters. If there are hundreds of reviews and the rating is on the low side, it is indicative that many people had bad experiences or at least mediocre experiences here.

If there are less reviews, and 5 people had an AWESOME time and one person had a miserable time, you can pretty much be sure that the person was miserable and that’s why they had a miserable time!

Services offered

Next up, you want to see what kind of services each charter offers. Some folks offer just a ride out to the sea and back, and they’ll provide drinks but you need to bring everything else that you may want.

Finally, you want to check if it is a private charter or there will be many other people with you. Some private charters can end up being quite expensive – over a few thousand dollars.

By contrast, charters where you’re just booking a spot on a boat with other people will be much cheaper. It is also worthwhile to ask how many other people will be there along with you. Sometimes you may get lucky and there will be few other bookings for that time slot.

Other charters may be full-service charters where they serve you a meal as well – and this will usually be indicated on the package – it would be a dinner cruise or a lunch cruise or something to that effect.

Some people also offer fishing charters.

For fishing charters, you should check if:

Licenses and equipment are provided

How much does equipment cost to rent, if anything

Do they offer to fillet the fish for you?

Is there an extra charge for the number of fish you catch?

Will they cook the fish for you on the boat if you want?

These are some things you can ask about their services.

Safety and regulations

Of course, no consideration would be complete without looking at the safety and regulations aspect of the company. Make sure that they carry enough life jackets with them on the boat for all passengers.

Also, make sure that they do regular inspections of their boat and all the equipment on their boat, too – if they’re affiliated with a large city marina, they will often impose rules that charter companies must follow.

Finally, how much experience does the captain and the crew have? OF course, every captain was there for the first day ever some time, but you would feel a lot better if your captain was experienced, right!

At our company, we offer all of these services and more – if you want to book a fun, safe, relaxing, and memorable boat trip, get in touch with us. We know how to take care of you!

Resources: https://ramresearch.org/best-snorkel-gear/