Our yacht equipment

At Jody Lexow Yacht charters, we make sure that our yachts are equipped with the finest – and most reliable equipment to make sure that our passengers have a comfortable and memorable boat ride with us.

Not only that, but they keep coming back for more and more memory-making!

So in case you were wondering about our equipment and what we use on our boats, we thought we would walk you through our boats and show you around!

Our boats are motorized and don’t have sails, so we use an outboard motor which is connected to the control console up front where we manage throttle, rudder, and monitor all vital data such as speed, location, fuel level, and the like.

Boats don’t need too much equipment to be functional, but there are some essentials and others which are creature comforts.

Navigation system

Since we do combined fishing and yacht charters, for our navigation system, we use a Hummingbird Helix 10 chartplotter/fish finder combo.

The Helix 10 is state of the art, has a huge 10 inch screen(so even if you’re sitting all the way in the back you can still see where we are going), and it has a built in fish finder so we can stop exactly where we are most likely to see fish.

We’ve only recently upgraded to the Helix 10 and we’re really happy – its a compact unit compared to the rest of the boat but has pinpoint navigation, all the latest charts, and really decent fish finding capability.


Even though most of the boat electronics run off of a marine battery, we also keep a portable generator on hand so we can power some of the larger equipment we have – the creature comfort stuff!

We use a portable generator that is very lightweight and efficient, made by Predator, and it can provide enough power to last an entire day’s trip for the stuff we have on our boat.

Communication system

We use a Uniden UM380 fixed marine VHF radio on our boats. This ensures 100% uptime and communication between us, other boats, and the harbor.

It has a neat orange backlit display and also provides rudimentary GPS device in case something happens to the navigation system. It’s waterproof and also has a severe weather alert to update us with any incoming storms nearby so we can avoid any bad weather systems.

Finally, god forbid we have to use it, but there is a dedicated distress button in case of an emergency.


We use a 45 liter Dometic fridge in our boats, because Dometic is the best of the best when it comes to kitchen appliances for the road or for the open sea. Dometic happens to make excellent refrigerators and microwaves for RVs, too.

45 liters are quite spacious and perfect for keeping drinks cold.

Our refrigerators run on dual power – they draw power from the battery, but they can also switch to the mains power provided by the generator in case the battery runs low or something goes wrong with it and we need more reliable and efficient uptime.