Best places to visit by boat from Los Angeles

Los Angeles is fondly known for its spectacular beaches, dramatic shorelines, amazing landscapes and beautiful weather. It’s an ultimate tourist destination and the home to the most pre-eminent celebrities. There are tons of activities to do here over the weekend or during free time. From vintage hunting, wine tasting to sensational sailing adventures, you are sure to find the full package here. It has numerous small towns convenient for day trips thanks to its geographical location.

However, most Angelinos and tourists feel the need to sneak away from their busy monotonous schedules away from the city life. Apart from visiting the beach, most of them have the burning desire to explore the blue waters, marine life and have the romantic gondola boat ride. Boating away from Los Angeles is definitely a perfect way to take a breather. The following are some of the romantic and best places to visit by boat from Los Angeles:

• Marina Sailing

It’s located in San Diego and owned by the oldest Sailing club in South California. Upon visiting Marina, you get access to their luxurious sisters’ beach which includes: Marina Del Ray, Newport Beach, Redondo Beach, Oxnard and Long Beach. It offers the most prestigious and phenomenal experience. You’ll not only love the overwhelming and relaxing wind but also the smooth ride from its new and fully equipped chattering model of power boats, yachts, catamarans, and sailboats at affordable prices. It has multiple online options for couples and big groups.

The beach offers a diversity of basic lessons suitable for ASA certification. Upon joining Marina, you not only become part of a sailing club but you get access to free membership of the most experienced and largest sailing charter. The free memberships come with irresistible benefits to die for.


Arrowhead Queen


Are you completely frazzled by the urban life? Boating to Lake Arrowhead is less than an hour away from Los Angeles. Whether you are planning for a romantic getaway or a weekend retreat, Lake Arrowhead queen offers an all-inclusive package that Mother Nature offers. The lake is magnificently surrounded by dogwoods, cider, and pine in Southern California. It is adorned by stunningly cozy and charming resort with warm weather. While you are here, you will enjoy facilities such as ice skating, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling and fishing. There are breathtaking mountains in the vicinity of the lake. For accommodation, Lake Arrowhead has a 5-star hotel and real estates with luxurious homes.


Catalina Island


Lying on South Western parts of Los Angeles, Santa Catalina Island is a thrilling and historical gem. It offers a memorable touristic ocean and land adventure. The island has tons of magical and enchanting tour spots. These will keep you yearning to come back here time and again. It is famous for the highest peak- Orizaba, stunning wildlife, beautiful palm trees, and extensive sandy beach. The Avalon city owns 720 moorings and its two harbors have over 320 moorings.

Remember to use a snorkel vest – to both stay warm and float if you are going in the water!

Other touristic facilities include biking and hiking trails, a golf club for seniors, kayaking and snorkeling opportunities and scuba diving. The Descanso beach club is situated here with sandy beaches crystal clear water. Every scene will leave you with endless memorable opportunities. The island also offers a visitors bureau that aids them to visitors choose their favorite adventure.

• JW Marriot Desert Springs Resort & Spa


Choosing JW Marriot Desert Springs Resort & Spa as your preferred boating getaway will only take you about one hour from Los Angeles. This boating site offers those who wish to adventure a close proximity to McCallum Theatre, Palm Springs, and other numerous attractions. The thrilling experiences in JW Marriot Desert Springs Resort & Spa will forever be etched in your mind. The exquisite look of parrots, cockatoos, hummingbirds, and macaws that hover over you prior to getting into the gondola it’s overwhelming. While in the resort, you will enjoy luxurious accommodation adorned with nice beddings, spacious rooms, and suites, well-marbled bathrooms with a balcony. All this is situated in a serene environment of Coachella valley bordering the Palm Springs. The restaurants serve a variety of sumptuous Japanese and California cuisines. JW Marriot Desert Springs Resort & Spa is designed to offer an excellent view of an outdoor swimming pool, flamingo island, tennis court and stunning waterways in which the gondolas transverses through.


Having identified the best place to visit by boat from Los Angeles, Its time to complete your boating experience. Ensure you carry your sunscreen to protect you from harmful UV rays, lip balms, waterproof cameras, hand sanitizers, first aid box, sweatshirts, towels, rain gears, snacks, cell phone, inflatable slides, towable tubes and change clothes. Select your boating Company carefully. Be keen to arrange your boating adventure when there is a perfect weather with low tides. Eventually, get a great company to make the getaway memorable.